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VCW VicMan's DataBase

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VCW VicMan's DataBase 6.01 review

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23 February 2003
Do you need a simple way to edit databases without going through a full blown installation of Excel or Access on a certain computer? Well VCW VicMan’s DataBase> gives you a tiny little editor that can fit on a floppy disk and allow you to edit just about any database you wish.

First, it allows importing and exporting of different database file formats. This is highly convenient since the editor is so unusually small and the usual database manager is so large. You can edit any fields you could edit in your full-blown software, select tables, change the field types, make use of find and replace functions, sort, use a field lookup tool, and make use of all standard and essential database editing program functions.

Speaking of standard database editors, what one would be complete without macros and filters to help simplify your work? VCW VicMan’s DataBase allows you to create macros and filters on the fly and even work with VBScript just like most other popular database applications.

In addition to what I have mentioned here you can also create custom user-defined fields for storing your specific and vital information. Overall, I think VCW VicMan’s DataBase is a powerful editor and you won’t find too many as feature packed that still fit on a 1.44MB floppy. I think the interface will take some getting use to for some and there is a large learning curve but as far as being a feature packed database editor, it “Excels”. Download it today.